Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing has a rich history when it comes to betting and some of the biggest wagers in the world have come from a series of boxing matches. With the sport being heavily tied to betting it’s no surprise that a range of top bookmakers offers a host of comprehensive markets. Granted the sport doesn’t run as often as your football or tennis betting markets, but when big fights are in town then the betting markets really come alive.

Unlike a lot of sports, there isn’t really a highlight of the boxing calendar, more big fights over a series of weight divisions. This keeps the markets relatively fresh and also offers punters a good variety of matches to bet on. The real money comes in for the likes of Haye, Mayweather, Pacquiao and the Klitschko brothers where it’s not uncommon to see tens of millions of pounds traded on each of their fights alone.

How To Bet On Boxing

The availability of boxing betting markets at bookmakers these day rally puts the punter in the driving seat. This is because as there is so much choice with the boxing markets you can shop around for best odds, free bets and boxing promotions they might be running.

Boxing is a sport where you can really get your teeth stuck into some of the lesser known markets. Obviously, it has its main players in the outright winner market, but we have looked at a few more markets below that you can sink your teeth into.

  • Overall Result – You can bet on the outcome of the match. Remember that boxing matches can end in a draw so make sure this is factored into your prediction or bet.
  • Total Rounds – Betting on the total number of rounds the fight will last for will usually result in you having to pick the over or under on a line set by the bookmaker.
  • Round Betting – Round betting allows you to choose which round you think a fighter will win in. In this market, you can also choose if you think they will win by decision, technical decision or draw.
  • Round Group Betting – Here you can choose a group of rounds in which you think one player will win in. You first need to select the correct winner and then a group of 3 rounds is usually on offer for 12 round matches. The decision, technical decision, and points are once again on offer in this market.
  • Fight Outcome – You can select the outcome of the fight for each boxer. Often you will get more than one option in this category such as KO, TKO or decision.

Boxing Betting Rules

Betting on boxing can be pretty complicated stuff. Things such as the timing of knockouts or even some of the decisions and how a player was beaten can all be up for dispute. Fighters are often known for pulling out of fights just before a bout, which obviously has an effect on the betting markets. Let’s look over some of the industry standard boxing betting rules.

  • If a boxer is replaced for a fight then all bets on the previous boxer will become void and stakes returned.
  • If the boxer postpones a fight then all bets will be returned unless the fight is held within 1 week of the scheduled date of the match.
  • The official result by the International Boxing Organisation stands and all bet will be paid out according to this.