Cricket Betting Guide

The cricket betting markets certainly won’t be the top priority for most online bookmakers. In comparison to the likes of football and horse racing these markets probably won’t even scratch the surface. Having said that there has certainly been an increase in the amount of people betting on cricket and as a result, the amount of markets most bookmakers offer.

The English game has seen a revival in recent years with the team winning the Ashes series both away and on home soil, getting to the number one ranked test nation in world, recently beating Australia 4-0 in a One Day International series and World T20 champions in 2010. The amalgamation of the success of England has seen more people get involved, watch the sport and consequently bet on the sport.

In terms of domestic cricket betting its increase has primarily come down to the staggering success of the Twenty 20 format. The shortened format of the game entails a fast paced and action packed 20 over per side game. Its cricket entertainment of the highest order and it has allowed a whole host of betting markets to surface as a result. What many people hadn’t predicted is how popular the format would be and one thing that bookmakers certainly didn’t predict is the influx of cricket bettors as a result.

Types of Cricket Bets / How To Bet On Cricket

Cricket may seem quite a complicated sport to many outsiders, but in reality it’s only as complicated as you want to make it and the basics are pretty simple. The same can be said with the betting markets on offer. For those that know nothing about cricket may well find the markets a little confusing, but hopefully we will be able to shed some light onto these markets and allow you to bet as a cricket fan or not.

  • Match Betting – This one of pretty self-explanatory; you simply bet on the outcome of the game. With Test matches and Domestic four day games you will also be able to back the draw as one of your options along with ties in shorter formats such as Twenty 20’s and One Day Internationals.
  • Top Run Scorer – This market allows you to select which player you think will score the most runs in that innings. This market often turns live after the event has started so it’s possible to hedge bets as you go.
  • Correct Score – You can choose how many runs you think a side will score in an innings. What normally happens for these markets is that you will be given a variety of brackets to choose from. For example you might have under 200 runs, between 201 and 400 runs and over 401 runs.
  • Man of the Match – Selecting the man of the match can be a tricky market to select as often the MotM is chosen by one of the commentators and their criteria could be different than others. Having said that this could work both ways for your selection!
  • Winning Margin – You can choose what you think the winning margin will be in the game for either side. Similarly to the correct score market, you will likely be given a few scoring brackets to choose from. This also works a little like handicapping in cricket, meaning you give the other team a head start essentially.
  • Highest Opening Partnership – You can choose which sides opening partnership will amass the greatest amount of runs. This is usually for the first innings (where applicable) but in-play betting will let you bet on the same market for the second innings.
  • Spread Betting – Spread betting is an underrated but highly volatile form of cricket betting. You basically bet points on market such as first innings runs for example. You can take the over or under on a line set by the bookmaker and bet as much as you like per point. If you back the over lines then for every run over you receive 1 point. If they score under the line then you lose 1 point for every run. The market is high variance but lucrative at the same time.

Cricket Betting Rules

Cricket Betting rules will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. We recommend that if there is something specific you are looking for then to contact your bookmaker. Here are some general betting rules for cricket:

  • In the event that matches are abandoned then the official result will stand whether that be in limited or longer formats of the game
  • If the game does not reach the limited number of overs to force a result (Duckworth Lewis comes into play) then bets will become void.
  • Man of the match decision will be held with the official ICC decision
  • Batsmen must make the crease for bets to become active. If failure to do so then bets will become void unless otherwise settled.