Darts Betting Guide

Darts is a sport that is on the up; not only in terms of player participation but also the coverage it now receives from a host of television companies. The likes of Sky promote a boatload of tournaments throughout the year including the World Championships, UK Open and the Premier League of Darts. The BBC also chips in with some of the BDO events throughout the year.

Many of the major tournaments are also sponsored by a host of betting sites ranging from Ladbrokes, William Hill, Stan James and much more. It’s common sense that as more and more betting companies look to sponsor some of the bigger tournaments that the coverage they are going to give on their on their betting site is going to increase. Bookmakers are always trying to keep up or stay one step ahead of their competitors, so as a few companies start offering more and more darts betting markets, you can almost be assured that a whole fleet of betting sites will follow suit.

How To Bet On Darts

Darts is a pretty simple sport to bet on in all honesty. Once you have selected your bet from a number of possible markets you then sit back and see the outcome before hopefully collecting your winnings. The tricky part of darts betting comes to the forefront when betting live. Darts is a very fast paced sport meaning that legs can be over within just a minute or two. But it’s this pace that actually opens live betting up to being very lucrative should you get your timings right.

There are tons of markets to bet on when it comes to darts, especially in the live arena. Some of the more common markets are listed below.

  • Win Market – The winning market is pretty self-explanatory. You simply choose which player you think will win the match. There are no draws in darts tournaments except for the Premier League of Darts where draws can be had and these markets will be adjusted to include the draw.
  • Tournament Winner – The tournament winner markets allows you to select which player will be the overall tournament winner. Odds will fluctuate as the tournament progresses but the strongest odds can be found at the start.
  • Maximums (180s) – You can bet on a number of markets to do with players scoring 180s. They include the most 180s in a match which is player v player (ties result in a push being applied), over or under on a line for the number of 180s in a match, over or under for the number of 180s in the tournament and the player with most 180s in the tournament.
  • 9 Dart Finishes – A simple market where you select whether there will be a 9 dart finishes in the match or indeed the tournament. As these are so rare this will likely be as simple as choosing yes or no.

Darts Betting Rules

Darts is pretty straight forwarded I terms of betting and there aren’t many grey areas when it comes to betting. We have included a couple of points to keep in mind when betting on darts.

  • Rule 4 will be applied if a player pulls out the competition after bets have already been taken on markets that they affect.
  • If a player fails to complete a match for whatever reason the player moving into the next round will be awarded the winner for betting purposes. Markets that are in-play or that have not been settled before the player withdraws will be deemed void and stakes returned.