Football Betting Guide

It only takes a few clicks onto some of the largest betting sites in the UK to see how popular football betting has become. Many bookmakers rank it as their highest grossing betting outlay and with such esteem comes a comprehensive range of markets, offers and betting specials primarily set up for football and football alone.

One of the driving forces behind the popularity in football betting is the worldwide coverage the sport gets. It’s quoted that the English Premier League alone is shown in over 200 countries with leagues in Spain, Italy, Germany and Holland all providing adequate alternatives. With this sort of coverage comes a wealth of money thrown at clubs in these leagues. This money is then reinvested into the best players in the world just strengthening their monopoly on sport.

The football betting industry now boats a multibillion pound turnover and each year these numbers continue to rise. Betting sites are keen to plug football betting as much as possible and will do so as long as the continued global appeal of the sport continues to rise.

Most Popular Football Bets / How To Bet On Football

It’s easy to get lost in the sheer volume of bets you can place for any one match. In-play betting allows punters to choose from hundreds of markets on any game. Let’s take a look at the rundown of some of the most popular.

  • Match Betting – Match betting is without doubt the most popular bet when it comes to football. It’s simple really; predict the outcome of the game – home win, away win or draw – and place your bet.
  • Outright Betting – Outright betting comes into play when selecting the winner of either a league or tournament. The market can be played anytime throughout said competition and the odds will fluctuate accordingly. For tournaments especially, outright betting will give you the best odds prior to the start of that tournament.
  • Correct Score – Another popular market is the correct score market which requires you to choose the exact score at the full time whistle of that game. Goals can be scored in any order, just the final result matters.
  • Goalscorer – The goalscorer markets allow you to choose from a number of different variables. You have first goalscorer, last goalscorer and next goalscorer. There are other variations which include a player to score two or more goals, a hat trick or even over 3 goals.
  • Goals in a Game – This market is generally an over/under market meaning the bookmaker sets a line at a certain number of gaols for you then the decipher if you want to choose more or less goals then their line. A quick example would be the over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals in the match. In addition to these will also be the option to take the over or under on an array of lines set of which the odds for each will vary.
  • Total Corners – Again another pretty self-explanatory market is betting on the number of corners in the match. It’s not uncommon to find three betting variables of an under a certain amount, an exact amount and an over an exact amount.
  • Bookings – You can bet on markets that include total amount of bookings in a match and also first or last bookings in a game. This market is really good fun in fierce local derby’s where tempers are usually high and as a result bookings are often inflated.
  • Asian Handicap – Many people are often put off by the ‘complexity’ of Asian handicap betting but it’s actually very simple. It basically just gives one team a head start over the other. So let’s say Team A was +1 goal and Team B was -1 it just means that the score would, hypothetically speaking, start 1-0 to Team A and then the match progresses from there.

Football Betting Rules

Before we dive into some of the more common football betting rules, it’s worth noting that with each bookmaker rules may differ slightly. It’s for this reason that if you are unsure on a certain event you check with your bookmakers individual betting rules.

  • Pay-out Limits – You may be unaware that many bookmakers actually have limits on how much they will pay out for certain events or sports. It’s likely that these limits won’t affect you, but massive pay-outs can be capped.
  • 90 Minutes Play – Bets paid out for markets that are for the 90 minute game include injury time and stoppage time. They do not include Extra time or penalties.
  • Postponed Games – If a game is postponed for whatever reason the market will be refunded. This is unless the game is rearranged with a week of original date where bets originally placed will stand.
  • Abandoned Matches – If the game is abandoned mid match then bets placed will become void. This is unless the bet has previously been settled prior to the completion of said match.