Golf Betting Guide

Golf is one the largest participating sports in the UK. Millions of us rock up on golf courses around the country and it’s large as a result of the increased exposure of golf as a whole. SKY TV has been at the forefront of bringing golf into our homes and making it much more accessible than it maybe once was. They hold every event from both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, not including the four major championships.

It’s like any sport that gets given TV coverage; eventually, bookmakers will cotton on the popularity of the game and start producing betting markets. In fact, golf has been one of the fastest growing betting markets on the exchanges. It’s a sport that offers great value when often favorites head off at around 10/1; something that is unheard of or rivaled with other sports.

How To Bet On Golf

Golf betting is a simple as it comes; all you have to do is pick your market, choose your bet and place your bet. The beauty of the increased exposure from bookmakers allows you to search out the best odds and free bets from the market.

The markets seem to grow each year. Bookmakers are constantly finding new ways in which to appease their punters, and everyone likes a fresh market to bet on. Below we have listed some of the more common markets along with a couple of obscure ones to suit.

  • Outright Winner – On this market, you can select which player you think will win the tournament outright. This market will turn in-play with the majority of major bookmakers so you can amend bets as and when the tournament progresses.
  • 3 Ball Betting – Away from the tournament you can bet on specific groups of 3 balls that may be playing. So you can choose a winner as to who will have the best round out of those three players with it not mattering where they finish overall in the tournament. As the competition wears on the 3 ball matchups will change and may even change to 2 balls on the weekend.
  • Top Player Per Continent – The global appeal of golf means players from all over the world compete. This player allows you to choose which player will be the highest ranked from their continent or country. Again the overall standing for the tournament in this market is irrelevant.
  • Top 5 Finish – A little like each way bet, this market allows you to choose a player to finish within the top 5 at the end of the tournament. If a player finishes tied for 5th place then this will be down as a win.

Golf Betting Rules

There isn’t too much to worry about in golf in regards to golf betting. There are very few grey areas in the sport and this means that betting lines and results are relatively clean cut. However, here are a couple of rules which you should be aware of.

  • Rule 4 will be applied to the appropriate markets should a player withdraw or retire. The odds will be adjusted to reflect this retirement.
  • Tournaments need to complete 36 holes for bets to become valid. Anything less and bets will become void.