Rugby Betting Guide

Rugby is one of those sports that in sections of the year really come to blossom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the betting appeal or pulling power of say a tennis or football, but the sport does actually offer up a wide variety of betting markets from some exciting leagues around the world.

Some of the largest UK bookmakers will often fire up a host of specials around some of the higher profile tournaments. The likes of the Heineken Cup, English Premiership and some of the smaller cup competitions offer a good domestic base on their own. Couple that in with international tournaments such as the six nations, tri nations and World Cup all combine to make rugby a sport worth betting on. One thing that rugby bettors will appreciate is the market availability of sport. By this we mean that all the top bookmakers will have comprehensive betting markets for a host of games.

How To Bet On Rugby

One of the best features of betting on rugby is the ability to mix and match your bookmaker. This means you can shop around for not only the best odds but also the best bonuses on offer. In this day and age every bookmaker will offer you some sort of welcome bonus or free bet when you register an account. For sites where you have already got an account, you can keep an eye open for the latest betting promotions which may include money back specials or inflated odds on some of the rugby markets.

There are a wide variety of markets in which you can bet on. We have included a list of some of the more common and obscure betting markets along with a short burst of information about each.

  • Match betting – The most common market, simply choose which team you think will win.
  • First scoring play – You can choose the first scoring play of the match. This can be either team and be between a try, drop goal, penalty or penalty try.
  • Handicap betting – This market gives one team a virtual head start over their opponent. So one team might start 1 point up on their opponent and then this is taken into account at the final score.
  • Team to score first – Choose which team will score the first points of the match. This can be via any format. Additionally, to this market, you can choose a team and the scoring method to enhance your odds somewhat.
  • Race to 10 points – select which team will reach 10 points first. If neither team manages to get to 10 points then the market will become void unless the option of neither team to score 10 points was a possible selection in that market.
  • Double result – You can choose which team will be winning at halftime then again at full time. The draw is also a factor which can be chosen for either result.

Rugby Betting Rules

Rugby is a sport with very few betting rules as such, but we have listed some of the more common ones below.

  • Bets will be settled upon completion of the game. Any additional time over the allotted 80 minutes will be included for all bets.
  • Where games get abandoned or postponed at bets will become void. This is unless the game is rescheduled and played within 1 week of the original date.