Tennis Betting Guide

Many people may be quite surprised to hear that tennis betting is actually one of the biggest in terms of a number of bets wagered and matched. It’s a haven for professional bettors who use the year-round tennis calendar to full effect.

The beauty of tennis betting comes in the form of it being so subjective to betting strategies. Hedging bets and even the backing and laying strategy work superbly with tennis and it’s these strategies that are implemented by the professional bettors.

The highlights of the tennis betting year come in the form of the four majors. Wimbledon, The US Open, the Australian Open and French Open will provide bookmakers with their busiest times in terms of tennis. Not only do these tournaments have the highest profile matches but they also have the largest array of matches in terms of men’s, women’s, doubles, mixed doubles and even junior events all rolled into one.

Types of Tennis Bets / How To Bet On Tennis

There aren’t an awful lot of different types of tennis betting. If you are even a casual bettor you will likely have heard of most of them or at least their equivalent. We will quickly take you through some of the more popular with a brief description of each.

  • Match Betting – Probably the simplest and definitely the most popular is the match betting markets where you simply pick which player you think will win the game outright.
  • Set Betting – Set betting requires you not only to pick a winner but also select how many sets you think they will win by. So 5 set games you would have to pick your player then 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 in sets.
  • Games spread – The games spread market is a little like handicapping, but for tennis. So you would choose one player at say -4.5 games, this means that for you to win your bet you need that player to win by 5 games or more. If you backed someone at +4.5 then you would need that player to then be within 4 games of their opponent (even if they lose the match) to win.
  • 1st Set Betting – The 1st set betting market is an interesting one where you select who wins the first set. How is that interesting I hear you cry? Well, it is because you would be surprised how many times the underdog leaps out of the blocks and snatches the first set from the favourite. Obviously this doesn’t always happen, but more often than you would probably think.
  • Correct Games – This market allows you to pick exactly how many games you think will occur in a certain set. Sometimes you will be given betting brackets or simply a line to choose the over or under. One thing we would recommend is that you stay away from this market in the final set as there are no tie breaks so games could run and run.
  • Total Games – It’s possible to bet the over or under the total amount of games a players win throughout the match. It’s the cumulative number for the entire match.
  • Outright winner – The outright winner is generally the market where you select the winner of the entire tournament and not just a certain match. The best odds are found at the start of competitions with odds reducing the further they make it through.

Tennis Betting Rules

Tennis betting rules are probably some of the toughest to nail down in one article as each bookmaker varies so much. There is however four categories that are used in terms of a game being abandoned either through weather, illness or injury then bookmakers tends to lie into one of these four brackets.

  • Ball Served – For bets to stand the first ball of the game needs to be served.
  • 1 Set completed – The first set must be completed for bets to stand. Any stoppages after the first set will mean bets still stand
  • 2 Sets Completed – The same as above but with two sets completed rather than one
  • Match completed – The entire match must be completed before bets are paid out